Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Latchkey book is now available for pre-ordering

Yesterday I started laying out pages for the Latchkey book. It'll feature the first hundred or so Latchkey strips, it'll be out towards the end of April / beginning of May, and it will retail at £6.

Now here's the scheme - obviously printing has to be paid up-front (especially when you're an untrustworthy spivvo like myself), so what I'm doing is a deal for anyone who wants to pre-order it. Here's the perks that come with doing so:

1) You'll get it for £5 instead of £6, which includes postage.

2) You'll get it ahead of the strips so you won't have to spend each day agonising over what happens next (clue: usually nothing).

3) If you let me know your favourite Latchkey character, you'll get a personalised ink drawing of him or her on the inside cover with a message for you or whoever you're buying it for.

SO! If that all sounds like fun, then all you have to do is either send £5 to me via Paypal (my address is or send a cheque to:

Paul Stapleton, 105 Tivoli Crescent North, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 5NA

(Overseas though please add a couple of extra pounds for postage)

And the moment they arrive at my house I'll get busy with defacing the inside cover and posting it off to you post chaise.


  1. If you can hold on till the AB gigs in April, I'll give you some monies then :)

  2. Done, I look forward to receiving it x