Saturday, 29 May 2010

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Latchkey #75 - 26/05/10

From Paul Stapleton, Bedsit Press

Third Latchkey strip for the N.U.T.

This is the third strip so far for the National Union of Teachers; the brief this time was the news that dozens of schools in the UK have boycotted the SATs.

From Paul Stapleton, Bedsit Press

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Doing Nothing, And Doing It Splendidly - First Latchkey Collection is now available to buy!

Doing Nothing, And doing It Splendidly
This is the first Latchkey perfect-bound paperback collection, and features the first 85 strips. It's now available to buy for £6 including postage, by sending money either via Paypal ( or a cheque to the following address:

Paul Stapleton
105 Tivoli Crescent North

Latchkey #63 - 07/05/10

From Paul Stapleton, Bedsit Press

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