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Latchkey #100, and a competition :-)

From Paul Stapleton, Bedsit Press

So, to celebrate reaching the big ton, I have a competition for you. The things you win (for some reason I can't bring myself to call them prizes) are as follows, and I should conspiratorially whisper in your ear that no-one EVER enters these things, so you definitely should.


* The first person drawn at random will get the original artwork for this 100th strip, the original artwork for the 1st ever strip (which you can revisit here:, and a comic book of their choice

* The next three people drawn at random will get a comic book of their choice

By the way, when I say a comic book of their choice, I mean one of my own. You can take your eyes off of my Judge Dredd collections and my Peter Bagge sets.

Here's the question you need to answer:

What three things is Pixie Pixel really crap at?

There you go, as simple as that. You may need to go back to find one of them, as it was only touched upon once (and not that long ago either). Just email me ( with your answers, and on Monday morning I'll announce the winners.

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